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Please review our product return policy prior to requesting an RMA.

You will need an account in order to request an RMA. If you are new to the site please click Create an Account . If you are a returning customer, please click Customer Login to access your account.

Please review important information below:

* Rage, TruFire, Crossbows and target requests require a photo. If no photo is submitted with your claim the request will not be approved

* For Crossbows:

• If the front end of your crossbow needs repairing, please send the front end only minus any additional components such as a
dampening system.
• If the stock and/or trigger mechanism needs repairing, please send the stock only. Please remove the scope and any
additional components
• If the crossbow has been dryfired or contains a broken string/cable, please return the whole bow minus any additional
components. This includes the scope, limb savers/dampeners, etc.
• IMPORTANT: If your crossbow is in a *cocked* position, please take it to the nearest dealer in your area to have it released
prior to shipping it back to the repair facility. Any charges that are ensued are between the customer and the dealer, not the

All requests are processed during normal business hours – Monday-Friday, 8-5 CST.

For help submitting a new RMA, please view the tutorial video below.

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